Green Roof

A green roof (also called vegetated roof, eco-roof or living roof) is a vegetated roof cover that is installed on top of a water proofing system. Ultra light and shallow green roofs are typically referred to as extensive green roofs and sustain a very limited plant pallet of drought tolerant species. Deeper and heavier systems are called intensive green roofs, or roof gardens. These are significantly more costly to construct and maintain, but accommodate a much broader and more diverse plant pallet.

A properly installed green roof does not damage your roof! Quite the opposite - it significantly extends its life expectancy. The vegetated roof cover protects the water proofing (also called roofing system) from damaging UV radiation and extreme diurnal and seasonal temperature fluctuations. Green roof costs vary quite a bit but can be as low as $15 per square foot for a simple extensive system. You can download an INFO SHEET for more information.

In early summer of 2004 we installed the extensive green roof over the enclosed front porch roof. It was the first residential green roof installed in DuPage County, Illinois and chiefly consists of a three-inch engineered growing medium over one-inch lightweight aggregate drainage layer. The green roof materials weigh about 25 pounds per square foot when saturated, and the green roof stretches over a 250 square-foot area.

You can browse IMAGES of this green roof, or view time-lapse animation of the INSTALLATION and vegetation development during the 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007 growing seasons.

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