Gravel Grass

Gravel grass is a type of porous pavement - a vegetated porous pavement. Think of it as a stable gravel-covered ground surface on which certain grasses love to grow. The gravel (or aggregate) is engineered to provide the structural capacity to support some level of vehicular traffic. The amount of void space in the aggregate allows for rapid and effective stormwater infiltration and storage.

The aggregate is mixed with a low ratio of soil, preferably sandy loam. This provides horticultural properties that support tough, drought-tolerant grasses under low traffic volume. It is important that the ratio of the aggregate and soil maintains the desired infiltration (or hydrological) properties and hold up to the use by vehicles.

We started in 2005 to remove a conventional, compacted gravel parking stall, typical of many suburban and city homes. Like many such spaces, this muddy gravel plot faced the alley and was only occasionally used. This type of situation is perfect for gravel grass. There is no need to pave over our natural resources with concrete and asphalt just to have that parking space in case we need it twice a week or monthly. The gravel grass is now a functional spare parking stall that manages the precipitation it receives along with overflow from the rain garden.

You can download an INFO SHEET for more detailed information on gravel grass. You can also browse images of the CONSTRUCTION PREPARATIONS, INSTALLATION and the FINISHED GRAVEL GRASS PAVEMENT.

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