General Sustainability Related Links:

Chicago Center for Green Technology
Chicago Center for Neighborhood Technology
Chicago Center for Neighborhood Technology - Water Booklet (PDF)
Chicago Guide To Stormwater Best Management Practices (PDF)
Chicago Wilderness - Sustainable Development Principles (PDF)
Chicago Wilderness and NIPC - Conservation Design Resource Manual (PDF)
City of Chicago Green Alleys program
Low Impact Development Center - Residential Uses of LID
NIPC - Salt Creek: A Resource Worth Preserving (PDF)
The Conservation Foundation - Conservation @ Home
The Conservation Foundation and Chicago Wilderness - Conservation Development in Practice (PDF)
The Stormwater Manager's Resource Center
Salt Creek Watershed Network
University of New Hampshire Stormwater Center (UNHSC)

Green Roof Links:

Chicago Green Roofs
Green Roofs For Healthy Cities
Green Roof Plants - Emory Knoll Farms The Resource Portal for Green Roofs
Penn State Green Roof Research

Rain Barrel Links:

Center for Watershed Protection - How to build and install a rain barrel (PDF)
Improvised PVC Bulkhead Fitting for Rain Barrels
Low Impact Development Center - Rain Barrel and Cistern Specifications
Rain Barrel Guide - Using Rain Barrels for Water Collection
Rain Barrel Info and Sources for the Pacific Northwest
Rainscapes - Rain Barrel Assembly

Porous Pavement Links:

Porous Pavement installation manual

Rain Garden and Bioswale (Bioretention) Links:

10,000 Rain Gardens
Clean Water Illinois - Rain Garden Initiative
Landscapes for Maine - Adding a Rain Garden
Maplewood - Rainwater Gardens
Portland Water District - RAIN GARDEN (PDF)
Rain Garden Network - Local Solutions for Local Stormwater Issues
Rain Gardens of West Michigan
Rainscapes - Harvesting the Heavens
URI Healthy Landscapes - Rain Gardens
URI - Rain Garden Brochure (PDF)
UWEX - Rain Gardens
Virginia Department of Forestry - Rain Gardens
WDNR - Rain Gardens
WDNR - Rain Gardens, A how-to manual for homeowners (PDF)

Cistern Links:

Article - The Family Cistern
Low Impact Development Center - Rain Barrels and Cisterns
MSU Extension Service - Rainwater Harvesting Systems
West Virginia University - Cisterns, Planning and Design

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